"U.S. Strategic Interests: The Aegean Sea & Cyprus' EEZ"

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The Eastern Mediterranean sits at an geostrategic crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. For decades, the United States has understood the importance of projecting stability and democracy in the region. 

Today, this region has been threatened by the instability and continued deterioration of democracy in Turkey. President Erdogan continues to question, violate and threaten Greece's sovereign air and space borders.

In Cyprus, a nation which Turkey has illegally occupied for over 40 years, Turkish warships have escalated tension even further. Just this past February, Turkish warships blocked an Italian drilling vessel for ENI from reaching its destination in Cyprus' EEZ, where it would rightful explore resources. 

As the region slips into increasing instability and U.S. interests are threatened, please join AHI for a timely conversation on how to resolve such issues. AHI President Nick Larigakis will serve as moderator to a panel featuring the follow experts: 



Doug Bandow

Senior Fellow
CATO Institute


Nick Karambelas

Legal Counsel, AHI
Partner, Sfikas & Karambelas LLP


John Sitilides

Trilogy Advisors LLC


April 17th, 2018


1:00 - 3:00 PM


The Capital Hilton
16th & K St NW
Washington DC 20036

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