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Summer Interns Reflect On AHI Experience

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(L to R) AHI summer 2019 interns: Konstantinos Tsarouchis, Hannah Henick and Adonis Caramintzos.

(L to R) AHI summer 2019 interns: Konstantinos Tsarouchis, Hannah Henick and Adonis Caramintzos.



Washington, D.C.- The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) summer internship program is designed for college students who wish to gain experience in government affairs and foreign policy. AHI prides itself in preparing college students for the next step in their international relations careers, and this past summer, Adonis Caramintzos, Hannah Henick, and Konstantinos Tsarouchis took full advantage of their time as AHI’s interns.

Adonis Caramintzos is a junior at Hunter College, City University of New York where he is a dual major in Economics and Political Science, and is concurrently pursuing a minor-certificate program in Public Policy with a focus on Economic Policy. During his time interning here Adonis managed to research the U.S trade relationship with Turkey and ways in which Greece could be aided by allied nations such as the United States in its economic recovery. Adonis states his purpose for this internship was to, “further understand the political, economic, and social issues facing the Greek-American, Cypriot, and Greek communities, and in the process, allow it to shape his future career.” 

“My time at AHI provided me numerous opportunities to understand the issues facing the United States and its relationships in the Eastern Mediterranean especially Greece and Cyprus. AHI also made an effort to push interns to attend think tank and Congressional events throughout D.C, giving interns such as myself the chance to learn directly from policy makers. AHI made my time in D.C one of fruitful opportunities that have greatly enhanced my professional development. For any undergraduate or graduate students interested in learning about U.S foreign policy, Greece, Cyprus, and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, AHI is the place to be,” Adonis said. This internship inspired him to achieve the highest levels of success as he continues into graduate school to pursue a degree in international economics.

Hannah Henick is a senior at the George Washington University in the Elliott School studying international affairs with a concentration in anthropology and a minor in art history. While interning with AHI she attended and reported on events and talks focused on the Eastern Mediterranean around Washington D.C. and on the hill. She also conducted independent research on antiquity in Turkish occupied Cyprus while keeping up to date on news related to the region. Additionally, she assisted around the office in an administrative role. “My time with the American Hellenic Institute has been invaluable for my future career in policy. As someone with experience in a broad range of international relations based work, the ability to study and explore a specific region with such a rich history opened my eyes to what a dedicated and passionate group is capable of accomplishing. To explore D.C. from a working perspective and to be able to utilize my education in a real world setting has been incredibly fulfilling.”

Following graduation in May, Hannah hopes to teach English abroad and eventually pursue a career in diplomacy while continuing her education and maintaining her passion for art. “Thank you AHI for pushing me as a student and an employee and for welcoming me into your institute. I learned so much and I look forward to utilizing that knowledge in my future!” Hannah commends.

Konstantinos Tsarouchis is a rising junior at American University pursing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration on political theory. He will also obtain a degree in Advanced Leadership Studies through the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. He discovered his passion for Europe when he took a comparative politics class. This course sparked his curiosity of European politics, which led him to an AHI internship in the summer of 2019 to learn more about the Turkish occupation of Cyprus. He participated in the AHI Foreign Policy Trip to Greece and Cyprus this summer to further his career in European and Hellenic affairs and solidify his passion to pursue a degree in international law while also applying the skills he learned in the leadership program. During his internship he attended hearings on Capitol Hill and conducted research on why Cyprus is important to EU’s stability and European identity. He hopes to take what he learned on the trip as well during his internship to help Cyprus promote the creation of a European identity and the remove of the 43,000 Turkish occupation troops from Cyprus.  

“I want to thank Nick and Yola for a tremendous opportunity this summer. As a Greek-American, it has been a pleasure to intern for AHI and explore in depth the issues that impact Cypriots and Greeks today. As I go forward AHI will always hold a special place in my heart no matter where I am and what I am doing,” Konstantinos said.

(L to R) AHI summer 2019 interns: Konstantinos Tsarouchis and Hannah Henick

(L to R) AHI summer 2019 interns: Konstantinos Tsarouchis and Hannah Henick

AHI’s internship program is designed for college students who are interested in learning more about U.S.-Greece-Cyprus relations and how foreign policy is formulated in Washington, DC. Students who are chosen for the program work on various assignments, comprised of research projects, attending events in area think tanks and in congress, and assisting with an assortment of educational events sponsored by AHI.