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"Sanctions On Turkey Long Overdue" AHI's Letter To President Trump

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NO. 20

Targeted Sanctions on Turkey, AHI requests President Trump to impose, in response to the recent escalated Turkish Aggression in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.
 While Turkey remains a NATO member, the myth of Turkey being a US strategic ally is over.  Between Recep Erdoğan’s threat to deliver an “Ottoman slap” to U.S. troops in Syria,  Ankara’s decision to proceed with $2.5 billion deal purchasing S-400 defense systems from Russia and the most recent statement of Erdoğan on May 19, 2019 that Ankara will jointly produce S-500 defense systems with Moscow it is clear that Turkey’s actions will continue to undermine US policy and security interests.

Peace, stability and security in Eastern Mediterranean is a vital US foreign policy and security interest, constantly being threatened by Turkey’s aggressive behaviour in the region.  In recent weeks tension has escalated with the Turkish government stating its intention to drill in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Turkey commencing its largest naval exercise off the coast of Cyprus and Turkey’s continuing violations of Greece’s airspace. 
 While such actions have been met by strong condemnation by the international community words alone have been an ineffective deterrent for Turkey.  AHI urges the Trump Administration to take a strong position to defend US national interests, uphold the rule of law and avoid the setting of very dangerous precedents in the region.  Targeted sanctions on Turkey are long overdue.  Turkey should no longer be the recipient of US foreign assistance nor of any other benefit from the United States which includes elimination of Turkey’s most favored nation trade status.   Read AHI's Letter to President Trump