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AHIF Releases Spring 2018 Issue of Online Policy Journal

No. 7

WASHINGTON, DC—The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) is pleased to announce the release of its ninth volume of its policy journal. The online journal is available gratis at AHIF Policy Journal website,

The policy journal of the American Hellenic Institute Foundation is a forum for commentary and scholarship on issues of vital importance to Greek Americans. In his introduction to the current issue, Editor Dan Georgakas writes of the pressing foreign policy issues facing the United States, Greece and Cyprus.

Georgakas states, “The focus of this particular issue is on Turkish behavior and statements that have rendered Turkey the most dangerous country in the eastern Mediterranean for the United States, Greece and Cyprus.  Daily provocations of Greek airspace and territorial waters may easily lead to a military incident that Turkey could use to advance its territorial ambitions in Thrace, Cyprus, and the Aegean. Prime Minister Erdogan’s questioning the viability of the Lausanne Treaty, and his rude behavior during a state visit to Greece, reinforce suspicions regarding Turkey’s long-term goals. Any military incident will automatically engage NATO, the EU, and the United States. Given this reality we have dedicated most of this issue to analyze contemporary and historical Turkish acts to speculate on what we may expect in the near future.”

Here is a list of the articles.

Book reviews

Reviewed by Michael Kalafatas

Reviewed by Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou

The AHIF Policy Journal invites authors to submit articles on recent policy and historical developments that affect U.S. relations with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Authors are encouraged to submit completed articles to Yola Pakhchanian via email at:

For submission guidelines and publishing information please visit our Web site at:  or following the link from the AHIF website at